Casino of the Starlight

The Gateway Casino and Entertainment business, which manages 12 casinos and employs 3000 people across Canada, owns and operates the Starlight Casino in New Westminster, British Columbia. The casino is located in the province of British Columbia. The illustrious Stardust casino in Nevada served as the inspiration for Starlight’s design, and the two venues’ architecture is strikingly similar in a number of respects.

This establishment has a terrific aesthetic that manages to radiate class, thanks to its retro, 1950s-style decor and design, but it nevertheless manages to remain approachable for the average gambler. At moments, you have the unmistakable impression that you are starring in a high-budget Hollywood gangster film, and you nearly anticipate seeing a mob leader seated at each of the Poker tables.


Every time they come, gamblers are certain to have an experience that is both unique and indelible thanks to the Starlight Casino.


Taking a Few Steps Out onto the Floor

The Starlight Casino has a collection of slot machines that accept both penny and dollar wagers. There are also exclusive Mystery Slots that are only available at Starlight, and these slots come with their very own jackpots for players to win. In addition, the gaming floor plays host to a plethora of unique contests and giveaways, including many opportunities to drive away in one of the brand-new automobiles that are on show in the lobby.


The Royal Room is a specialized, high-limit slot area that is available for slot players that are dedicated to the game. Here, players can anticipate receiving the utmost attention and care from their very own personal VIP hosts and hostesses. VIP guests of Starlight have the opportunity to enjoy the opulence of the establishment’s well-known No. 9 Room, which is staffed by hosts who have received extensive professional training and provide gamblers with an exceptional level of personal care and hospitality.


Last but not least, guests to Starlight have the opportunity to participate in non-stop table gaming activity, which includes baccarat tables, roulette, blackjack, EZ baccarat, Pai Gow Poker, and many other games. You can become a member of a players club at Starlight, which will allow you to receive up to a 25% discount on meals and up to a 10% increase in the number of rewards points you earn each time you play at the casino. Your points are redeemable at any of the Gateway Group casinos, and the loyalty levels run all the way up to the Diamond level.


Taking in a Live Performance Or Delightful Meal

The Match Eatery is the primary lure for anyone interested in the Starlight’s culinary offerings. It offers traditional dishes that have been reimagined in a way that is both distinctive and up to day. There may be a selection of other forms of entertainment available, such as televised athletic events, live music, a DJ, and other options.


You guessed it: buffet menus are what are served at the buffet. With cuisines ranging from Mexican to Italian, it will be difficult for you to leave without having sampled at least a few of the mouthwatering delicacies that are available here. The Buffet certainly delivers in a different class, all by itself, as compared to the other casino buffets that are offered in Canada.


You can get drinks and lighter meals in the RedBar lounge, which offers a more private and relaxed atmosphere than the restaurant itself. In addition, the location can accommodate banquets and corporate parties, and there is a dance floor available for guests to use. Other noteworthy restaurants are the Shanghai Noodle House and Kirin, both of which cater to taste buds that are more daring by providing more foreign food alternatives.


At the Starlight Casino, there are frequently hosted events that put the absolute best of the neighborhood’s talent on display. Rock concerts and other types of live events also play a significant role. Even the most dedicated gamblers will find something new and exciting to enjoy at one of these concerts, which are hosted in a variety of Starlight’s restaurants and other venues.




There is no mistaking the ambience that was inspired by the luxurious Stardust Casino.

The selection of high-quality slot machines is extensive and varied, and each one comes with quite cutting-edge bonus options.

The excitement of table games is provided by a total of 44 tables.

The No. 9 room provides the highest possible level of personalized service to VIP guests.

The games are a terrific fit for the fantastic food and entertainment alternatives that are available.



The players’ club loyalty scheme does offer rewards, but it is not the most impressive one that we have come across.

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